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Retirement pensions and survivors' pensions

We have opened a new department to help our French clients obtain their rights for regular pensions, pensions for army veterans, or survivors' pensions. 

Anyone who has worked in France, even for a very short time, and who was registered with the social security authorities is entitled to a pension, which is assessed based upon the amounts paid in. 

Anyone holding an army veteran's card is entitled to a veteran's pension. If you do not have this card, our firm can offer to act to obtain it for you, thereby opening up your rights to this pension.

Any widow or widower of a retired person is entitled to a survivor's pension of 54% of the pension of the deceased person. Even if these people were divorced, the right exists and is calculated based on the years of marriage.

Assessment of this pension is on a case by case basis and based on the amounts paid in.
Whatever the amount put aside, it is a pity not to obtain this right, which might constitute an income or income supplement.
It is worth knowing that people who have worked in Algeria can obtain a pension, on condition that their employer had made payments to approved funds.



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