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Military law

Adv. Tangy is state-certified to act before courts martial throughout Israel, and can therefore handle military cases; these are specialized cases that involve administrative, civil and criminal law.

During his military career a soldier can be faced with problems related to assessments, punishment, transfers and promotion.
The firm specializes in such issues and in particular what steps are to be taken before the applicable military appeals tribunals.

In fact certain cases need to be first submitted to a military appeals tribunal.
However, other cases are related to general military discipline, to be handled through the military hierarchy.

A soldier may also have compensation claims.

Military cases also cover anything that happens to soldiers during their military service. In the event of injuries, our firm makes sure to understand what has happened, have the bodily damage assessed and to obtain compensation.

We are also involved in cases of desertion that involve a court martial.

In society a soldier is someone apart, who because of his duties cannot be brought before regular courts like an ordinary citizen.



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